Will Alabama Rot Prevail?

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It’s a hot topic right now and it’s scary as hell!

So let’s discuss this openly because knowledge is power.

Now the word is at this point in time that unfortunately there is no cure for this hideous disease they call Alabama Rot.

According to statistics, none of our fur babies are safe as this particular disease does not discriminate when it comes to dog size, weight, age or breed. If a dog is to contract Alabama Rot, it’s chance of survival is very slim with 9 out of 10 dogs dying.

Before you go into a mad panic, there are ways of preventing your dog from being one of these statistics.

This why at Frank and Jellys, we are going the extra mile to keep you informed and your furry friend as safe and protected as possible.

If you’ve been doing your research and reading like we have, you’ll be aware that no one really knows what causes Alabama Rot.

So below is a collection of data, research and information we have found for you to keep you up to date with what is out there at the moment.

Firstly, what is Alabama Rot and where the hell did it come from?

As the name suggests, Alabama Rot was first discovered in Alabama, USA in the 1980’s. This horrific disease also goes by ‘The Black Disease,’ ‘The Flesh Eating Disease,’ and the technical name of Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV).

It wasn’t actually a disease found in the Uk until 2012 when the first reports came in. Records show that over 125 dogs have died from Alabama Rot in the UK since then.

Unfortunately, no one knows what Alabama Rot is exactly except that it causes the following ailments to our furry friends:

    • Lesions on the skin and occasionally in the mouth
    • Sores
    • Wounds or stings
  • Some dogs even go on to develop life-threatening kidney failure with symptoms including vomiting, tiredness and lack of appetite.

Research so far states that Alabama Rot causes tiny blood clots to form in the blood vessels which then creates blockages. These blockages can ultimately lead to the flare up of the above mentioned.

What often happens is that the dog will lick the open wounds that then causes the disease to spread internally as well as externally.

What precautions can I take to keep my dog safe? (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)

    • Be aware and stay informed
    • You can continue to check the updated map provided by Vets 4 Pets HERE to see where the affected areas are and to keep informed of where any new outbreaks have occurred
    • Keep your dogs away from muddy puddles, wooded areas and anywhere moisture builds up, especially after a heavy rainfall
    • Stick to dry paths when possible
    • If your dog has wet paws and/or legs, clean and dry their paws and legs thoroughly
  • Don’t take any chances while the Alabama Rot is present, keep your dogs active inside if you need to

What do I do if I think my dog is showing signs of Alabama Rot?

By now you know the signs to look out for. While they say the symptoms can be hard to notice at times, you, yourself, know your own dog and will notice any changes in it’s behaviours or body.

If you notice anything unusual never hesitate to contact your vet to discuss.

If caught early enough, there is a much higher chance of your dog healing from Alabama rot through various treatments given via the vet. So stay alert and don’t hesitate to ask for advice.

Frank and Jelly want to help too!

Alabama rot is scary and nothing any of us want to have to encounter. We have decided to put together an Alabama Rot Prevention Kit in the hopes it will help keep your pooch happy, healthy and safe.

We’ve included the Soggy Doggy Towel, the No Rinse Dog Shampoo and our favourite, Leucillin, an antiseptic and healing spray! Check out the Dog Cleaning & Care Bundle HERE .

Stay safe fur friends!

Paws of Love,

Sarah (Fur mum to Frank).

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