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How to Take Care of Furry Baby & Home this autumn 

The nights are drawing in and the days are getting shorter. Summer is over and we have to wait some three months or so until we notice that that the days are getting longer again. Shorter days go hand in hand with windy and rainy days. The last thing we want to do after a hard day’s work is cleaning and tiding up. So how do we stay on top of our housework and make the most of our snuggle-time with our pooches. 

7 Top Tips to Manage Wet Weather with a Dog

  1. Brush your dog regularly to reduce moulting .For long haired or double coated breeds like Golden Retrievers the Furblaster is a great tool. Using first daily and then once/twice a week will reduce the shedding by 90% , stimulate fur’s natural oil and promote healthier skin and topcoat it might reduce the likelihood and impact of allergic reactions in your home as well. Don’t forget autumn and spring are the usual shedding seasons.
  2. Bath your dog regularly. Every four to six weeks during the next two seasons should do. It really depends on how much your fur baby likes muddy water. Frank and Jellys use a variety of shampoos and get pampered a great deal. You know this doggy detective business has to have some benefits. Hownds and Colloidal Shampoo help you to keep your dog nice and clean for on those rainy days but also soothes itchy skin. If time is too short the Miracle Foam Dry Shampoo is great.
  1. Wash the bedding regularly. Use some specialised pet bedding wash, like  and use soda crystals afterwards to ride your washing machine of any leftover germs.Look
  2. Do a little bit of cleaning every day Baking soda is great at removing pet odors; just sprinkle it on your carpet, let it sit for a few hours and vacuum it up for a fresh scent! For your floors and kitchen cupboards use OdorKill. You can dilute the liquid and put it in to a spray bottle. This will allow you to use it upstairs on our bed, in your bathroom and your cushions, your fabric sofa and your bins.  
  3. Freshen up even more and keep the doggy smell at bay use PowAir. The air freshner is not only great for your house but can be used in your car as well. Anyway, having a pleasure owning an Oldie or Puppy one knows of the occasional accidents. PowAir Spray is a great help to get rid of the stains and the smell.

The Bottom Line 

  1. Stop dirty paws at the door. Stop the muddy paws and sprinkling of cupboards and door with a cleaning station at each door.  Now keeping towels and absorbent door mats at hand can sometimes be a messy business. One ends up with several towels and a dirty looking mat. Help is at bay with the Soggy Doogy door mat and shammy. Not only do our furbabies love to lie on the mat, helping us to get the warm water ready for the paws, enjoying the rub down with the shammy, but the fibers traps dirt, mud, grass and moisture and is five times more absorbent than anything else on the market. The results not only a clean dog and house but a cleaning station still looking smart after several uses as well. Happy fur




  1. pawzProtect and Reflect. After the wipe down and the paws and ears check. Please remember that you pooch’simmune system might need boosting, his ears cleaning and if he has sensitive paws some protection via a balm or boots. Frank and Jellys are currently testing some all year round boots called Pawz. They are easily to put on and great for all weathers.

Flappy eared dogs like Spaniels and golden retriever especially those that like to roll in water and mud need to have their ears checked and cleaned once a week. The will also stop a yeast infection that can be not only smelly but itchy too. Use ImmuBoost to their food daily and Hotspots are a clear sign of something brewing in their bodies. So check for those daily as well. Leucillin and Colloidal Sprays both antiseptic solutions will prevents any further chewing of their paws. The Gel on a hotspot will calm the redness and aid the healing process. There are other holistic and natural remedies available in you cupboard you just need to prepare them. Apple Cider vinegar is great but very expensive. Don’t buy the cheap stuff. I used to use salt and sudocrem in the past and got on well with it. Manuka Honey is supposed to be very good for dogs as well. Just make sure your fabrics are not being effected.  

Don’t forget to boost your Oldies joints this winter. Arthritis gets worse when the rain sets in. Don’t wait until you see him struggling to get up. Any dog older than seven loves to have a little bit of a boost. Glucosamine tables, cod liver oil or Joint Plus supplements readily available everywhere.  

Last but not least 

Some fur mums and dads like to avoid wet fur or just love dressing up. That’s great but have you thought of your safety as well? Now occasionally black Labradors can be seen with flashlights attached to their collar. But we all need protections. A reflective vest is much better as it does not only keep a little bit of the rain at bay it also lets passers-by in cars and on foot recognize that there is a dog actually walking and not an alien. Your first aid kit in the car should have a reflective vest for you included to get it out and put it on.  

Okay when it is bucketing down you might want to keep your walk a bit shorter, avoid busy roads with cars splashing passing by. Going to the park is great but you might not feel up to it yourself. Once the main business is done and you are back home earlier than your furry friend thought, occupy him with a Westpaw or treat cup toys. A snuffle mat is great for hiding treats too. If you do not have to rush off to work and are bored yourself why not play hide and seek or do some basic or advanced obedience training? Afterwards you can mooch with your pooch and have time for paws.  

How does the weather effect you? Any tips and advice you would like to share with us?


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