What to do if your dog goes missing!

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Here is a fantastic and detailed breakdown of what to do if your dog goes missing, by our very own Doggy Detective; Nyx.

“This is my experience of how we managed to get our German Shepherd puppy back once she had been let out of a secured back garden by an amazon delivery guy.

I am not saying it will work for every dog but it is what enabled us to get Leia back home.

We have never had a dog missing before and from what we have learnt, everything I thought about a missing dog is untrue.

Allow me to share with you some of what we learnt.

1: At some point a lost dog will go from oooo this is fun to oh GAWD, I’m scared!!!

When a dog gets to the I’m scared point it will go into survival mode (SM). When a dog is in SM, it will not recall.

Your dog can have the best recall in the world. Your dog may love you even more than a tennis ball or that manky squeaky toy that gets dropped on your face to wake you each morning.

However, if your dog is in SM it will not recognise you unless it is close enough to smell you!!!

2: Shouting and screaming does not work, a dinner call is usually the best way to get attention but don’t count on that being always the case.

3: If you have multiple sightings of your dog plot them on a map. You will be able to make a triangle.

The triangle is the area that your dog in SM is patrolling, trying to find a familiar scent. If your dog can not detect something that smells familiar it will widen the triangle.

4: Scenting works!!!

Now I’m not talking clothes or bedding unfortunately, I’m talking about your pee.

Yes, that’s right, you lovely dog owners have to pee in a bottle as this is going to be invaluable with helping your dog find home.

Dilute the pee to 50% with water (best to be the person the dog is closest to) and scent the key points where your dog has been spotted and areas you want to draw the dog to.

We scented the barns she had been sighted at as well as the gates of the fields she had been regularly seen in.

I believe 110% this is what kept Leia in the area and stopped her widening her area too far.

5: As much as you want to advertise every location you see your SM dog in and as much as you want a mobile army out looking for your SM dog, resist the urge.

DO NOT have loads of people chasing and trying to grab your dog it will only scare a SM dog more.

6: Set up water stations. Water is more important than food especially as a SM DOG is flighty and will be running scared.

7: If you believe you know where your SM dog is sleeping put food down. (In one place) and don’t put your dogs usual food. No kibble. No raw.

Stinky smelly tinned crap food. The more it stinks the better. Your SM dog is relying on its sense of smell ONLY!!!!

8: If you manage to get close to your SM dog, stay down. Stay low as you possibly can and prepare for a waiting game.

You can try to entice your dog closer with smelly treats – cooked sausages and tinned fish will work. But A dogs curiosity will win out. Stay still, stay low and wait. Resist the urge to jump up or grab at your dog until you are a billion percent certain you can grab a hold of your SM dog and keep hold.

9: As soon as your SM dog is home and in familiar surroundings they will revert to their old self instantaneously. They will remember you, who you are and they will love on you so hard for the longest time ever.

But always remember: A scared dog doesn’t mean the dog has been hurt. It doesn’t mean the dog has come from a bad home. It doesn’t mean the dog hates it’s owners and doesn’t want to come home.

It means the dog is scared. The dog has reverted to its skills of survival. A dog is trying to do what it needs to do in order to be safe.

Remember your dog loves you. Your dog wants to be with you and will need all the help possible to be able to get back to you.”

Knowing your dog is lost and alone can be terrifying, the best thing you can do for the fast and safe return of your fur baby is to remain as calm as possible and refer to these 9 points.

Thank you so much Nyx for such a great and informative read!

Paws of love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo

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