The Ultimate Doggy Cleaning Bundle!

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Have you ever stopped and taken stock of your home cleaning supplies? Checked the bathroom, the kitchen, the laundry and let’s not forget the shed!

Endless bottles and tubs used to keep our homes clean and germ free. Then you add in a dog. Or two or three. Now you have fur and smells to contend with. What to do?! It gets to the point where you need to buy extra shelving just to accommodate the extreme cleaning supplies collection you have!

Well, fret no more our doggy friends! We have once again done our research and come up with the ultimate doggy cleaning bundle to put your cleaning supplies to shame!

The thing that is most important to remember when purchasing cleaning supplies for the home when you have a fur baby, is that while you want a germ and bacteria home that smells fresh, you also don’t want to put your fur babies or even your human babies at risk with all the chemicals that can be found in your everyday cleaners.

So allow us to introduce you to the one and only Home and Doggy Cleaning Bundle you’ll need:

  1. Odour-Kill
  2. Pet Bedding Wash
  3. Pow Air Gel/ Pow Air Block
  4. Pow Air Odour Eliminating Penetrator Spray

Why these 5 products?

Firstly, Frank and Jellys only stocks all natural cleaning products. Chemical free. We absolutely believe in putting the safety and health of your fur babies first. We also want to know that these products are going to do what they say they are going to do so we have had these exact cleaning items tested and scrutinised by our real life Doggy Detectives!

Don’t believe us? Have a read of the bundle reviews HERE (scroll down).

What we love most is that rather than spending hours in the cleaning supplies isle at the supermarket trying to decide on the best stain remover, carpet cleaner, floor cleaner, odour remover, window cleaner, artificial grass cleaner, fabric cleaner, glass cleaner, car cleaner, house deodorizer, litter tray cleaner, bedding cleaner and pavement cleaner you can just buy The Home and Doggy Cleaning Bundle to cover them all!

We recently asked our Doggy Detectives what were some of the ways they have been using Odour Kill in their homes, cars, caravans and gardens to show you how versatile these products can be! They didn’t disappoint with their creativity that’s for sure! Here are just a few:

  • In a spray bottle use it every morning on dog beds and human beds freshens up makes house smell less like dogs and musty more like fresh air ~ Brogs
  • I use it in our steamer, I also have made a spray bottle and spray it on our carpets to freshen them up at little and also I spray the solution on my (really the dogs) leather sofa! I have even used it the car when my dog had some gland issues! it got rid of the horrific smell ~ Ellie
  • I use mine to mop the floors and then throw it over the gravel in the garden to get rid of the smell of dog pee ~ Helen
  • Floors, windows, drains, toilets, washing machine ~ Donna
  • I diluted some in a water spray and cleaned all the windows, patio doors, mirrors, outside of oven door even iPad screen, all came up sparkling. Also use it to clean floors, shower tray and to make the dyson filter smell nice ~ Pauline
  • Floors, windows, artificial grass and yesterday I sprayed it in my lovely velvet curtains as my cat decided to spray against them ~ Sue

And that’s just Odour Kill! The Pow Air range and Pet Bed Wash have their own star qualities! (Make sure you check out the Bundle reviews HERE).

The beauty of it all is that you get to save time, money, effort and awkward explanations starting with, ‘sorry about the dog smell.’

If you’ve been following Frank and Jellys for a while now you’ll know that we love your dogs as much as our dogs and we seriously only want the best for them, hence why we started Frank and Jellys!

As a fur mum myself, I 100% understand the efforts one must go to to keep a clean and healthy home for us humans AND our fur babies! That’s why we did the research and had all items tester approved to make sure we only stocked the best for you.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above mentioned cleaning products, please email us at

If you have an outstanding cleaning product that you think Frank and Jellys should hear about then please leave us a comment below and we would love to check it out!

Here’s to easy and stress-free cleaning!

Paws of love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo.

P.S. Are you in the Frank and Jellys ‘Doggy Detectives’ Facebook group? It’s a place where fur mums and dads go to make friends, test doggy products and share stories on best products. PLUS we always share tips and tricks as well as offering advice and sharing experiences when one of our furry friends is not well or not behaving! It’s great fun and it’s absolutely FREE to join! Come join the fun HERE xo.

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