Does the quality of your raw goods matter for your dog?

Does quality even matter? Is it better to invest in high quality raw goods and is there even a difference? I mean they’re just a dog right? They don’t need anything fancy as long as it does the job! Wrong. When it comes to introducing high quality supplements to your fur babies, you only want the best! And we’ve done the hard work to show you why! We wanted to help you understand the importance of quality raw goods more so we decided to research the different levels of quality with Coconut Oil. It would seem that Coconut Oil has … Read More

Is Natural Flea and Worming Best?

Natural or chemical? Natural or chemical flea and worm treatments seem to be an ongoing debate. If you’ve been a Frank and Jellys fan for any length of time you will know that we only recommend all natural products. We want what’s best for our dogs and we certainly want what’s best for your dogs! We decided to do some research because we truly believe that information and knowledge is power. As a dog owner it is always 100% your choice what you feed your dog and how you treat them for fleas and worms. Read through our findings but … Read More

Will Alabama Rot Prevail?

It’s a hot topic right now and it’s scary as hell! So let’s discuss this openly because knowledge is power. Now the word is at this point in time that unfortunately there is no cure for this hideous disease they call Alabama Rot. According to statistics, none of our fur babies are safe as this particular disease does not discriminate when it comes to dog size, weight, age or breed. If a dog is to contract Alabama Rot, it’s chance of survival is very slim with 9 out of 10 dogs dying. Before you go into a mad panic, there … Read More

Can dogs read human emotions?

Have you ever experienced being sad or emotional only to have your dog reach out and comfort you to the best of their ability? I’ve experienced this a lot recently with Frank. You see, I lost a very dear friend of mine to Breast Cancer the other day and in my moments of grief and sadness, I found that Frank would never leave my side. If he wasn’t snuggling into me as a way of comfort, he was licking my tears away. Has this happened to you? I have truly loved and appreciated every minute of comfort from Frank and … Read More

Let’s talk CBD oil.

Let’s talk CBD oil. Or if you want to get fancy, cannabidiol oil. It’s a big topic of conversation lately as more and more people explore the health benefits of adding CBD oil to their diet. CBD oil was something that popped up on our radar as people were starting to openly discuss on social media the dramatic health improvements that had come around due to using CBD oil. To understand what we’re dealing with, let’s first explain what CBD oil is. WHAT IS CBD OIL? Firstly, no, it’s not the cannabis that gets you high in liquid form (although … Read More