The Talking Dog ?

Hello again my furry & non-furry pals, hope you’ve all had a good few weeks! Slavey Human has been busy attending to my every whim so I thought I’d give her a few hours off as a treat… After she’s finished translating for me of course.

Did you all have a good Valentines day? I did – I even got a pooch smooch right on the chops from my new friend Sparks, the cheeky minx. I’m quite the ladies man these days if I do say so myself. No such luck for Slavey Human which I’m quite pleased about as it means I get her complete & undivided attention, which is just as it should be!

Slavey Human has neglected me a bit of late actually, she’s been ‘Spring Cleaning’. From what I can work out this means emptying every cupboard, drawer & wardrobe to create a great big mess in the middle of the floor then putting it all back into exactly the same place?! The hoover (my arch nemesis) comes out at least twice a day & she keeps squirting everything with funny smelling stuff then wiping it off again. These humans do some strange things, I tell you. I did try to help a few times but I got a bit carried away & ended up being banished to the comfort of my crate. Apparently all this cleaning is my fault… Nanny (Slavey Humans owner) says I’ve made the house stink! I was quite offended when I heard her say that but she might have a point to be fair… My bottom burps have been quite violent of late & the stench does tend to linger. It’s quite embarrassing – I can’t help letting off such potent puffs, plus I’ve noticed that Slavey Human & Nanny contribute to the pong occasionally when they think I’m not listening!

Luckily the trusty Doggy Detective team recommended a whole load of pet friendly products to use to get the house back to its’ former fragrant glory without upsetting my delicate nostrils. Slavey Human has cleaned all the floors with Odour Kill & sprayed it over all the beds/sofas… I even caught her scrubbing the patio which I thought was a tad OTT. My bedding & blankets have been washed with Pet Bed Wash which I was furious about at first – I didn’t want my comfy nest to smell like chemicals – but actually it’s quite nice to drift off in a freshly laundered bed. Dog Reviews Talking dog - Sleeping Four Legged friendsThere’s also these funny little tubes hidden round the house that soak up bad smells… Which aren’t always down to me, I would like to point out – Slavey Human isn’t too talented in the kitchen & quite often chargrills whatever she’s trying to cook but since she’s hidden these Pow Gel crystals everywhere we don’t notice the burning smell so much!

Remember last time I gave you humans some ideas as to how you could include us pooches in your romantic Valentines plans? Well, it’s Mothers’ Day coming up which means it’s time for us to spoil our human Mums! Don’t worry as it won’t cost you anything – They love nothing more than a big sloppy kiss from us. If you’re feeling particularly creative you could make them a cute card complete with a pawprint (you might need a bit of human help for this though – I’ll have to ask Nanny so that Slavey Human doesn’t clock on). Send us some pics of you showing your Mum just how much you love her…. The more slobber, the better.

Finally… Did any of you watch Crufts this year? If so you might have spotted our lucky competition winner Leigh Loftus in the crowd… She won 2 tickets to the legendary annual event after posting a snap of her fur babies on the Frank & Jellys Facebook page. Hope you had a fab day, Leigh! Keep an eye out on Facebook for our next competition… & of course to swoon over all the pics of our gorgeous furry followers!

That’s me done for now guys… Goodnight all!


Paws of love from Ernie xxx

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