Tear Stain Remover Review

Hey guys and gals, Ernie here again!

I want to share my cousin Franks story about his tear stains.

Frank and I hang out together frequently, our mums seem to enjoy our play dates (more than we do I think!)

One day when Frank came over to play, he looked different, I couldn’t help staring at him, trying to work out what was different. Then, all of a sudden I realised – his face was white and the marks that his hoomum called his tear stains were gone. GONE!?

Frank told me she had discovered this magic spray, that she sprayed on his face a few times and then, just like magic they vanished.

He then had been to the spa (I think he means the groomers!) and after his trim, the fur was white again.

Well, I couldn’t believe it – Luckily for me, my hoomum had already ordered some for me and now I’m sat here chilling out with my face magic spray on!