The Talking Dog – May ?

Hi guys, me again!

Did you all have a nice Easter?

I think I speak on behalf of pooches everywhere when I say we did NOT have a very nice Easter due to the list of yummy things that were marked as ‘off limits’ in the last blog.
No hot cross buns?! No Easter Eggs?! I think Slavey Human & Frank and Jellys’ Mums sneaked that one in there… Cheers guys – Not!

They did have a point though as a lot of human foods (though delicious) aren’t good for our canine tums. Some things are obvious, like chocolate, but other snacks like grapes and raisins aren’t so well known for being toxic to dogs. This month Frank and Jellys are dedicating all products & advice to everything health related, including tips on nutrition, so head over to our Facebook page to get involved in the Wellness Before Walkies event. Healthy = Happy… For us pooches & you humans!

We’ll also be advising on how to help with things like stress and anxiety which is quite a common issue for a lot of pooches. Take my buddy Duke… He’s a great big Dog De Bordeaux & looks like a tough cookie who’s not scared of anything BUT he’s actually a total softie! His human pack moved home & were a bit worried about how he’d cope with such a big change so they got in touch to see what we could do to help. The Doggy Detectives recommended Dorwest Anxiety Drops which are totally natural & free from any harmful (& bad tasting) chemicals. Dukes Mum was really pleased with how they helped to keep his nerves under control – It meant he could enjoy exploring his new home & settle in properly rather than getting freaked out by being in a new place. You big wuss, Duke!

The Doggy Detectives - Dog ProductsNow, something else exciting happening in the next few weeks is… BULLDOG DAY UK! As some of you more observant readers may have noticed I am in fact a Bulldog (ok, ok – Frank and Jelly are too) so this is a major event in my jam-packed social calendar. Bulldogs across the country & their human packs will be joining forces to celebrate & raise awareness of our fabulous breed. There’s going to be a show, raffles, games, loads of different stalls & best of all HUNDREDS of bulldogs to cuddle! Frank and Jellys will have their own stall with loads of products & treats on offer so please swing by to say hi to us… But mainly to let us give your pooch a smooch!

I’ll be taking loads of snaps whilst we’re there so that I can upload them to my brand spanking new INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT… That’s right, I’ve finally persuaded Slavey Human to set it up for me! Make sure you follow me @erniethetalkingdog to see what I get up to on a daily basis & so I can check out all your pics. Who knows, I might even slide into your DM’s #mrloverman.

Right, I’m off to bed… Slavey Human needs way more beauty sleep than me but I am a fan of a slumber so I might as well join her.

Paws of love from Ernie xxx


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