Dog season (or dogs on heat) explained!

Season, also known as a dog’s heat cycle is a period of time which your dog can become pregnant. When it comes to seasons, every dog has a different experience. The size and the breed of your dog can largely affect the length of time and seasons your dog experiences. The same rule goes for when your dog is expected to have her first season. In most cases, the first season occurs from the age of 6 to 24 months, with smaller dog breeds starting sooner and larger dog breeds starting later. Some dogs have even been known to go … Read More

How to stop your dog scratching if they have ticks, fleas or allergies

Has your dog been scratching a lot lately? At Frank and Jellys, we have been getting inundated by fur mums and dads asking us for help and advice on itchy, scratchy fur babies. If your dog has been suffering with the itchies, then it’s really important to know and understand that most skin itchiness is caused by an allergy or parasite. The result of an allergy or parasite for your dog is loss of hair and lots of scratching! We decided to give you some insight to some common parasites and allergies as well as give you some remedies to … Read More

Can dogs catch colds?

Has your dog ever started to show symptoms of a human cold? Turns out, dogs don’t experience colds the way humans do. In fact, dogs can’t catch human colds at all! However, they can experience symptoms such as; snotty noses, nasal discharge, light sneezing, potential loss of appetite, and feeling a little lethargic. Now these symptoms aren’t to be mixed up with Kennel Cough. Kennel Cough is actually a combination of viruses and bacteria and highly contagious among dogs. Symptoms of Kennel Cough can include; a harsh, dry, hacking cough retching sneezing snorting gagging vomiting a lack of appetite lethargy … Read More

Are you harming your dog with chemical cleaners?

Everyone wants a clean house, right? But did you know that the chemical cleaners you are using to clean your home could be dangerous and even deadly to your pets? Just a heads up, this article wasn’t written to make you feel bad if you use chemical cleaners at home. It was written because it’s so important that you have all the information at hand so that you can make the best decisions moving forward. The only way we can create change is by bringing awareness to light so that people can make suitable changes. So let’s dig a little … Read More

How to keep your dog COOL this Summer!

Summertime can always be considered a nice break from the icy cold winter and we sure know our pooches don’t mind a little sunshine!  And as responsible pet owners we need to be prepared for adapting to what is often one weather extreme to another for our fur babies. Every year Frank and Jellys gets asked some really important questions about keeping our dogs cool during the heated summer months and we wanted to address them head on as we melt into another warm few months. Firstly, how do dogs overheat (we addressed the seriousness of heatstroke in dogs in … Read More