Are you harming your dog with chemical cleaners?

Everyone wants a clean house, right? But did you know that the chemical cleaners you are using to clean your home could be dangerous and even deadly to your pets? Just a heads up, this article wasn’t written to make you feel bad if you use chemical cleaners at home. It was written because it’s so important that you have all the information at hand so that you can make the best decisions moving forward. The only way we can create change is by bringing awareness to light so that people can make suitable changes. So let’s dig a little … Read More

How to keep your dog COOL this Summer!

Summertime can always be considered a nice break from the icy cold winter and we sure know our pooches don’t mind a little sunshine!  And as responsible pet owners we need to be prepared for adapting to what is often one weather extreme to another for our fur babies. Every year Frank and Jellys gets asked some really important questions about keeping our dogs cool during the heated summer months and we wanted to address them head on as we melt into another warm few months. Firstly, how do dogs overheat (we addressed the seriousness of heatstroke in dogs in … Read More

Pet insurance made easy!

Every year we’re asked by people that come to Frank and Jellys what the best pet insurance is. Whilst we recommend a Life Time Policy that is renewed every year and covers most if not all insurable conditions we understand that it might not be the most suitable policy for everyone. That’s why we have created this unbiased article to give you a clear and easy to read breakdown of the different levels of pet insurance that are available so that you can make the right choice for you and your fur baby. Ultimately, pet insurance is personal preference. At … Read More

What to do if your dog goes missing!

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ: Here is a fantastic and detailed breakdown of what to do if your dog goes missing, by our very own Doggy Detective; Nyx. “This is my experience of how we managed to get our German Shepherd puppy back once she had been let out of a secured back garden by an amazon delivery guy. I am not saying it will work for every dog but it is what enabled us to get Leia back home. We have never had a dog missing before and from what we have learnt, everything I thought about a missing dog is … Read More

The Ultimate Doggy Cleaning Bundle!

Have you ever stopped and taken stock of your home cleaning supplies? Checked the bathroom, the kitchen, the laundry and let’s not forget the shed! Endless bottles and tubs used to keep our homes clean and germ free. Then you add in a dog. Or two or three. Now you have fur and smells to contend with. What to do?! It gets to the point where you need to buy extra shelving just to accommodate the extreme cleaning supplies collection you have! Well, fret no more our doggy friends! We have once again done our research and come up with … Read More