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We have recently had to change our testers policy due to people not actually
providing reviews. We carefully choose testers as fairly as possible but also concentrate on whose pooch is best for the product and try to include a diverse range of breeds. All this considered, you (and your doggy) have been chosen to test this time. So
the rules are pretty easy… We send you a product for FREE (voluntary contributions towards p&p are appreciated but not compulsory… as we donate a % of our profits to charity sometimes people like to give back) Let us know when it arrives, (take a pic and
say ‘got it’ or something like that). We have had things go missing in the post and been now the wiser. Your testing feedback is required within TWO weeks of receiving the product, so make sure you are available to provide feedback this time. Post us a picture
with your four legged friend using the product or a video (we love to see the products in action) and this is a great visual for people visiting the page. If you post pics of the product anywhere other than Frank and Jellys Product review page, remember to
tag us in @FrankandJellys And as always we value honest reviews as do the rest of our detectives this allows us to offer the best possible products to our followers. That’s it! Have fun..