West Paw Tux


The Treasure treat tux!

This is durable treat hider is the nirvana for our Doggy Detective Team. It also makes for a great chew toy for the champion chewers when the treats run out. We searched high and low for a durable treat hidder that was safe to use with our beloved pets.

The design is such that the tux can be held comfortably between two paws giving your dog the best opportunity for success and really exercising their chompers of this durable finish. It floats it flings and is considered one of the toughest in the West Paw range and measures 5”in size. 5 out of 5 woofs from Frank and Jellys! This product is also dishwasher friendly, is recyclable, made in the USA and guaranteed to last!

? Please remember to monitor your toy for any cracks or breaks regularly and do not leave your fur baby unsupervised with their toy ?


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