West Paw Boz Ball


A Boz on your nose!

This light and bouncy ball is a great and equally fantastic alternative ball to the West Paw Jive but more suitable for dogs who like something a little softer to catch in their mouths. But don’t be fooled human hands can’t usually squish the ball between the balls which means that your four legged friend will get a great kick of endorphins as their jaws are powerful enough to compress this ball making for great exercise and supporting dental hygiene. The Doggy Detective Team love this ball for its durability, ability to use in water (yes it actually floats) and the fact that the smaller sizer fits within a standard ball thrower which is fantastic for ball obsessed breeders. Our queen ball destroyer Jelly has actually had her very own Boz ball for 8 months and it still looks as good as new.

? Please remember to monitor your toy for any cracks or breaks regularly and do not leave your fur baby unsupervised with their toy ?


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