Soggy Doggy Doormat®


The Worlds Best Dog Floor Mat as Tried & Tested by Real Dog Owners

Recommended for : The Soggy Doggy Shammy is the must have for Autumn Winter 17/18 for every dog owner who’s dog goes out in the dirt and rain and even those who like to play in puddles . X Large in Size it’s ideal for large breed and car boots and for use as dog bedding

Size : large 26×36″ & Xlarge 36×60 ”

Our favourite bits about the Soggy Doggy Mat :

  • Holds up to 7xs its own weight in water
  • Will clean and dry your dog from any wet walk or garden visit it just a few minutes just get them to walk on the mat
  • No more muddy paw prints all over the house
  • Beautiful designs to fit in nicely with your home.
  • Keep my back door for complete convenience
  • Ideal for multi dogs who like to barge through the door at the same time
  • Hygienic : You don’t need to wash after every use.
  • Long, Easy to wash and stay super soft even after washing House Keeping :

Washable from as low as 30 degrees in your washing machine

Note these are arriving in November from overseas ! First UK based company to bring them in ! Once they are gone next shipment will be February !

Want to see our Doggy Detectives Review for real : Watch fur mum Jess give her review for the Soggy Doggy X Large mat with help of her golden retriever Toby