Soggy Doggy Crate Mattress & Dog Bed


A dog bedding that drys the dog so you don’t have to and takes away the smell of wet dog!

Another incredible addition to the Soggy Doggy Range the worlds best water absorbent dog bedding that you can use inside a crate car or home.

This items was tested it toughest of conditions by our dog product testers, the ‘Doggy Detectives’. For this test fur mum Kerri and Pippa dog charity worker and dog walker tested this with multiple dogs with huge success even to capture and contain vomit from travel sick and stressed dogs and also from constant use from multiple dogs of all breed.

Machine washable it comes out as good as new even at 30 degrees and helps keep car and home looking like new.

Offering lasting comfort to young and old crate-sleepers alike. They are machine washable, super-absorbent, and comfy for your pup. These crate pads can also be used in the back of your car to help dry your dogs after swimming at the park, a rainy hike, or an adventure in the snow! These crate pads can be used anywhere your wet dog goes, keeping everything dry and clean.

The new must have for ever dog owner who doesn’t want to spend life cleaning and drying wet furbabies!

Size Guide :
Soggy Doggy Crate Mattress – Small 18×24 inches
Soggy Doggy Crate Mattress – Medium 20×30 inches
Soggy Doggy Crate Mattress – Large 23×36 inches
Soggy Doggy Crate Mattress – X Large 28×42 inches


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