Snif …Snaf Snuffle Mat give the dog a bone…

Animal instinct is to hunt but as your mother always told you that the hunt is always more exciting than the kill and this interactive enrichment puzzle toy awakes your dogs natural foraging skills and satisfies their desire search and find .
Snuffle Mats are not only stress reducing, mentally stimulating and fantastic for dogs who are on limited exercise but also a great tool for fast eaters who are fed on kibble as the snuffle mat can be used as a feeding aid.

Endorsed and supported by top canine behaviourist the snuffle mat side effects can result in soft purring type snores from your for legged friend after a long day of snuffling the kind of sound that brings a smile to every fur mummy's face .

Please note as with all toys dogs should not be left unsupervised with the snuffle mat


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