Poop Pot


Because we have all been caught short before!

Every dog owner will tell you there’s nothing worse than going out for a leisurely stroll with your canine companion and right at the start of your walk with no bin in sight man’s best friend decides it’s time for a toilet break! You are now left with your poop bag deposit and the rest of your walk to go. The smell can be quite distracting particularly when you’re trying to hold a conversation with company whilst you walk. You also now only have one hand free so you can guarantee this is the point that your dog or dogs will decide to leg it into the next field having spotted another four legged friend. Frank and Jellys were one of the first pet online retailers to offer this amazing alternative product . This foldable miniature bin which due to its vacuum design keeps the smell contained is great as it can be easily clip to your clothing or lead leaving your hands free to enjoy your walk until you find bin in which to leave your deposit. Members of our Doggy Detective Team even went as far to say they have accidently brought the deposit back into the car with them as due to lack of smell they had completely forgotten it was there!

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