Nikki’s Nestie


‘As snug as a bug in a rug …unless he had a nestie !!’

Imagine your favourite chair that you snuggle down into after a hard day that acts like a soothing comfort blanket in which you easily doze off into the land of dreams .
Now imagine this as a bed for your favourite four legged friend ….and here you have it .. a Nikki’s Nestie

Hand made from start to finish in the heart of the quintessentially British country side each Nestie is made to the owners size specification from a choice of a number of fantastic and seasonal designs using only the highest quality materials which makes this bed is the Number 1 Frank and Jellys essential recommended for all dog owners and breed types .

Not only is made from only the highest quality material the design also takes into consideration the practical needs of every dog owner . Covers are easily removal and can be washed in a standard washing machine and tumble drier and replacement covers are available at a fantastically affordable price which makes this product incredibly long wearing and value for money . You will potentially never have the need for another bed in your dog’s lifetime .

Health warning – Laziness and excessive snoring are a common side effect found from our doggy detectives. Like a small children through to teenagers, results showed the dogs spent more time in their Nestie than out of them. You may struggle to get them out even for walkies ! In multiple dog house dogs expect your gang to dive in to together for a joint snooze … and who said siblings can’t get along


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