Natural Anti Anxiety and Travel Sickness Remedy for Dogs


Thunder Fur and Lightening …very very frightening

Not just for thunderstorms, fireworks and bonfire night these anti anxiety drops are the only ones to make the Frank and Jellys grades from our team of doggy detectives testers to help calm down your four legged friend and remove stress. And trust me we tested a lot.

For best results add to food or drop directy onto the tongue. The natural liquid enters the dogs body via pores in the tongue and is quickly absorbed leading to a happy dog and a happy fur mum because lets be honest there is nothing more stressful than watching your dog stressed and anxious

To note : This does not sedate your dog, the effects are short term but it does helps them calm you dog down within aprox 30 minutes and is ideal for dog rescue road trains, house moves and dogs who are anxious easily or who are fear aggressive and is a must have for fireworks season.

It an also be used on bedding by adding a few drops to the fabric but whilst it is natural and safe for long term use for anxiety in dogs it’s not recommend for pregnant or lactating bitches,

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