Mrs Mills Hound Couture Paw Balm


Because nothing feels better than a pawdicure whether you have two legs or four !

The latest launch from the Mrs Mills brand has been 2016’s most anticipated release and boy has it been worth the wait! Proudly presenting Mrs Mills Hound Couture Pawdicure, a balm to rejuvenate and repair those rough paw pads it’s the ultimate in luxury and indulgence for your four legged friend.
With seasons changing from summer through Autumn to Winter rough, dry and cracked paws are one of the top issues faced by dog owners.
Quoted by Mrs Mills as being the ultimate paw pad repair balm due to its antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic ingredients it also acts as a skin healer and can be used externally on any part of the dogs body.
To note this is not a barrier cream it is so much more and is loved by boy and girl dogs alike ,although to save your boy dogs pride down the local dog park maybe you let it be your little secret !
This non toxic product is likened to tea tree oil due to its healing agent ingredients which stimulate blood circulation, growth and repair however the use of this product was developed with dogs in mind it gently soothes skin irritations and infections caused by allergies. Even the tin has been design for a twist and direct apply of paw to tin which means no excess balm ends up on good carpets and floors resulting in a slip and side and messy floors!
Our Doggy Detectives went crazy for this tester and this product is expected to be seen on every pooches Christmas wish list from London to Sydney this year !
We are so excited to be the first to be able to offer you this amazing doggy must have at Frank and Jellys

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