Kurgo Reflect & Protect Dog Vest


Another great product from the Kurgo family and a must have for Winter 2016/17

Proudly presenting the Kurgo Reflect & Protect Vest which is the ultimate tried and tested product by Frank and Jellys Doggy Detectives for high visibility during dark nights and cold and wet morning walks.

This Kurgo Reflect & Protect Vest provides visibility for up to 1,000ft and the battery life lasts up to 50 hours.

This lightweight and breathable vest is designed with flexibility of movement in mind with its adjustable settings at the neck and chest . So take your four legged friend out for an adventure, a run or a leisurely stroll with the confidence that you will be safe and visible to others.

Our Doggy Detectives tested this product against a number of other market leading visibility devices which primarily were strips for the harness or came as a attachment for the dogs collar.

Our team love this vest as its currently one of a kind in terms of its visibility, ease of use, value for money and its durability . You can be confident in purchasing this product that it will last you for many years and can be packed away with your winter warmies and won't just last for one season.


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