K Fine Calming Melts


Keep Calm and pop on a Calming Melt…

Because all dogs occasionally need a time out and a bit of reassurance. While the time of celebration is meant to be enjoyed by all, it can be a bit stressful if you have four legs and are covered in fur. whether its bonfire night, Diwali, or a house full of guests over the Christmas and new year period, noise and high energy levels can sometimes leave your dog feeling anxious. Frank and Jellys has teamed up with their pet odour eliminating partner k fine to provide you with a odor banishing melt that also has calming effects.

Warning – These melts have been known to send adults , kids and four legged creatures to a land of snooze .
Frank and Jellys cannot be held responsible for excessive snoring as a result of using this product ! These natural melts are made from soy wax and contain a high grade of essential oils which combined creates a fantastic sense of calm in your home. This was our top seller 2015! Our Doggy Detectives recommend using these in an enclosed room room maximum effecct.


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