Immuboost, Immune Booster


Recommended for :Dogs who over produce yeast, suffer with consistent tear stains, cysts and seasonal alopecia. Ideal for dogs who have recently stopped taking steroids and need a natural immune booster.

Results to be seen after approximately 21 days of daily use.

  • Immune boosting
  • Allergy management
  • Builds up the immune system to reduce risk of getting sick
  • Direct effect against bacteria, viruses, and yeasts

Directions of use : Add to food daily:- Small dogs 5ml (1tsp), Medium dogs: 10ml (2tsp), Large dogs: 15ml (3tsp). Working & sporting dogs use 1ml/kg body weight (up to a max of 20ml per day.

Ingredients : Liquid extract of Echinacea Pallida, Water

Not Suitable for : Dogs on long term medication should consult with their vet first before taking any natural products as supplements. Although all of our products are natural with no expected side effects you should consult with your vet to ensure there will no impact on their prescribed medication.

Stay super strong all year long…

We all need a little help being super. This solution contains a liquid extract of Echinacea, which is a super special herb. This aids your four legged friends immune system naturally and also encourages natural wound healing . Its just super!