Hownd Playful Pup Conditioning Shampoo


Oh my puppy you’re so fluffy !!

Another fab firm favourite from the Hownd brand specially formulated for puppies. With deep cleansing action, it’s ideal to wash away dirt and muck on a puppy’s fur, while being super-sensitive and nourishing to suit more fragile skin .

Hownd is a UK based cruelty free brand and we at Frank and Jellys HQ and our Doggy Detectives just love everything they stand for.

The delicately fragranced blend of calming lavender and rose essential oils make for a less stressful time in the tub . The water and big sides are scary you know for a little pup !It is also infused with the beautiful fresh scents of lemongrass and orange which naturally repel fleas and insects, combined with gentle cleansing agents this makes it a fantastic and must have for all puppy households,.

This product not only smells fantastic but a little goes a long way and leaves the fur so shiny and soft.

Your little guy dog will be the envy of all his pals at puppy training class.

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