Hownd Keep Calm Body Mist


Finding a sea of calm through the mist !

This is one of best sellers during fireworks night and is also a great product for overexcited or nervous dogs who need a little soothing either du to separation anxiety, outside noises or even when you’re throwing a party however it is safe to use daily due to its all natural formula. Spray onto the dogs bed or directly to the fur this product has changed lived of so many of our Doggy Detective Team by providing a sense of calm.

The peaceful body mist to lifts the spirits of nervous or overtired dogs by refreshing the mind and hydrating the body. Spray on dry fur after bathing or in between washes for a gleaming, refreshed, healthy looking coat. Brush or rub through to release the aromatic blend of Lavender & Rose with base notes of Patchouli essential oils. It’s all natural formula has the added bonus that it leaves a wonderful glossy sheen.

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