Let go nuts for Goughnuts!!!

Original : Serious chewers – medium to large dogs . Example Bulldog
MaXX : Large Breeds – Staffordshire bullterriers ( due to jaws size ) Rottweilers , DDB’s , American Bulldogs, Mastiffs,

Guaranteed for the serious chewer this toy comes with not a one time guarantee but a lifetime guarantee !!

Indestructible ( well as good as it ever gets) , Chewable , Durable, Floatable , Cleanable , Throwable , Rollable except it’s no ball !!

Black means Go! Red means Stop!

GoughNuts Original Ring the flagship chew toy first designed in 2006. There was a need for a safer product and there was a need for tougher or more durable product. The Original Ring design has no weak points. The dog will grab the Ring in a different spot each time creating months and or years of power chewing.

If you are new to GoughNuts please know that we believe you. You may have “THAT” dog. We have heard it all. Our goal has always been to make chew toy products that can be safe for every dog. We have a wide range of product with a goal of matching your dog’s power and persistence. Whether you have a “grinder”, a “picker” or a dog with a massive power jaw, we have a GoughNuts Ring for you.


? Please remember to monitor your toy for any cracks or breaks regularly and do not leave your fur baby unsupervised with their toy ?


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