Frank and Jellys Introduction Goody Bag

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The Frank and Jellys goody bag consists of the top 6 products every dog owner should have as voted by our 6,000 doggy detectives in this group who test dog products on behalf of Frank and Jellys

It includes Leucillin which mimics the dogs own immune system and is great for minor skin issues and cuts and scrapes and encourages healing as well as yeast in the skin

Mrs Mills Snout so Soft a nourishing nose balm to soothe dry noses making them kissable again after months of affect from central heating and winter weather

Oz oil made with tea tree oil is the top ear cleaner for brown and waxy ears helping clear bacteria and helps avoid nasty ear infections

Luv hearts liver treats grain free super tasty and are the ideal size to use on walks or puppy training classes

A generous sized sample of Odor Kill is in your goody bag which is our detectives must have pet friendly cleaning product that is dilute one part solution to 50 parts water. It helps rid doggy odours whilst disinfecting your home keeping every thing smell and germ free.

Finally but by now means last the pow air penetrator solution sample is the worlds best odour neutraliser and incredible for fabrics and bedding and any areas where dogs have accidents in the home also. It breaks down the smells without masking and is a top selling item every month since it was tested & approved by our doggy detectives

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