Frank and Jellys Dog Product Introduction Box


Hello Furfamily are you new ? If so it’s nice to meet you !

We are Frank and Jelly of Frank and Jellys (right to left)

The only dog retail company in the world that tests and trys products with real furbabies first (the Doggy Detectives) before recommending them to you

Do your dogs already think you’re the best furmum around? It’s a lot to live up to! Frank and Jellys can help….

We have put together a little one off Introduction Box of all the best sellers as voted for by our doggy detectives from around the world who use all these products every day with their four legged friend.

Frank and Jellys Mystery Introduction Box with the 6 Top Items as voted for by our Doggy Detectives and includes

A safe and strong rope dog toy that made from Hemp and is safe and natural for tug of war

The Most Treats as loved by our detectives the make the perfect training treat due to size or a just because without spoiling their dinner

Our magic spray to make all minor aliments go away including minor allergy itches, skin rashes tear stains and minor infections

Our Infamous Natural Dog Ear Cleaner that will have those brown mucky ears cleaned up with a week without the need of a trip to the scary vet.

A special balm to keep noses kissable after you have your lipstick so your fur baby deserves a little beautifying. This one even has some celebrity fans and nourishes the nose rather than trapping moisture already there, a must have for all seasons

Immubooster supplement for every day to keep the vet away to rebalance the body stop and itching yeast imbalance and leaving the fur looking simply paw-gus

We hope you enjoy our introduction to the Frank and Jellys family as much as we did putting it together for you !

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