Fireworks Night Survival Kit for Dogs


Recommended for anxious and nervous dogs during the fireworks season.

It use to be called fireworks night. Now it's fireworks week if not longer and it seems to be starting earlier each year without any real warning. This has to be the most stressful time as a dog owner as there is limited things that you can do to keep your dog calm and take their stress away and it's hard to prepare as back yard use of fireworks often come without warning leaving your dog too nervous to even go out to pee.

Frank and Jellys have been working with our top Doggy Detective testers who have anxious dogs to put together the ultimate survival kit together for you and your dog so that you can be prepared for the loud bangs to come and keep your dog happy and content and distracted.

Your survival kit will include :

Standard Kit :

Natural Calming Drops that gets to work in 30 minutes made from valerian compound which is known for it's anti-anxiety affects in both humans and dogs

Natural Liver Treats to distract and for use in your stimulation toy

Natural Calming Melts made from lavender that can be used with any tea light holder that will calm the entire room and every one in it

These products have all been tried and tested with over 150 dog owners and we are excited to share with you this unique survival kit that is the only one of it's kind not available anywhere else and has been tried and tested by dog owners like you.

Premium Kit :

All of the above plus :

A world best mentally stimulating dog toy with different levels of difficulty to distract their attention and help redirect nervous energy