Devils Claw


Recommended for : All dogs from puppies to older dogs

Results to be seen after 14-21 days of daily use

Great for :

  • Maintain healthy joints
  • Reduces stiffness
  • Pain Killer
  • Anti Inflammatory

Directions of use : Add daily to food. Small dogs 5ml (1tsp), Medium dogs: 10ml (2tsp), Large dogs: 15ml (3tsp). Feed for 7 weeks, rest for 1 week. Continue as necessary.

Ingredients : Water, Extract of Harpagophytum Procumbens (Devils Claw)

Not suitable for : Pregnant bitches. Dogs on long term medication should consult with their vet first before taking any natural products as supplements. Although all of our products are natural with no expected side effects you should consult with your vet to ensure there will no impact on their prescribed medication.

Get your claws into this body tonic…

For when Fido needs a little help, Frank and Jellys recommend Devils Claw to be used to attain and maintain healthy joints. Devils claw can also help reduce stiffness and improve mobility without nasty side effects.
This solution provides nutritional maintenance for your furry friends joints. Our Doggy Detectives highly rate this product and its becoming a popular alternative to other supplements as it has no negative side effects. Using Devils claw is easy, simply add it to your dog’s food and watch your pooch quickly benefit from it.