Colloidal Silver Gel


Because Nature Knows Best it even has its own antibiotic!

At Frank and Jellys we believe in natural products over chemicals and you can always guarantee our four legged friends will get into a scrape or become a little under the weather when the vets are closed.

Colloidal silver which boast that is able to kill over 650 different bugs and virus is useful in helping treat inflammation, wounds, fever, eye infections, burns, ringworms, parasites, digestive disorders and yeast infections. It’s perfect for cleaning wounds and as an antiseptic, use it on the bandages of your pet to reduce the risk of developing opportunistic infections and its gentle enough to use it on fresh stiches which is why we recommend it for every dog owner to have in their first dog aid box and the bonus is that it can also be used on our two legged friends as well.

The gel formula from the colloidal silver range is yet another fantastic product to suit a varying of needs. Made to the same strength as the power spray some find the gel easier to apply than a spray for cleaning and treating nose roles and hot spots. Or in some cases where your four legged friend isn’t a fan of a spray bottle. It holds the same 20ppm (parts per million) strength as the colloidal silver power spray it’s simply a case of the owner’s personal preference. Frank and Jellys love this all natural product, we believe it be in every household first aid cupboard to treat a range of minor ailments and injuries and avoid unnecessary trips to the vets and this product requires only a little to go a long way which makes it great value for money so it’s one of the favorites with the Doggy Detective Team.

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