Coffeewood Chew : Natural Strong Chew for Dogs


You have your daily dose of coffee so why not the dog ?

Natural Strong Chew Toy/ Treat for your fury friend

Perfect for any dog who easily chews their way through antlers , stag bars and bull horns or just loves the taste of your table leg. Coffeewood chews are recommended by Frank and Jellys as the solution for dogs who like to chew, destroy furniture or just have an insatiable taste for sticks on your walks.

It promotes great oral hygiene and it’s completely natural for some dogs to grow up wanting to chew in fact some actually get an endorphin from chewing so better to distract them with a coffeewood chew then your new shoe, wood work or dining room table

Loved by our Doggy Detectives around the coffeewood chews have been known to last fur mums up to 3 months depending on the dog.

Coffeewood chews are made from branches from the coffee bean plant. These are harvested annually,from managed stock in coffee bean plantations and are 100% sustainable.

Coffee wood is a very close grained wood that is harder than most native wood. Simply graded, dried and sanded, to give a healthy, safe and satisfying chew for any dog. As a natural wood product it will chew down but does not produce sharp splinters.



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