Chew Root


But I thought the trees were for peeing up not chewing?


Harvested by hand from tree roots from sustainable natural wood these products have limited availability due to responsible harvesting. Suitable for puppies over 3 months through to seniors this is a fantastic and fun product to keep your dog stimulated through chewing as well as promoting good oral hygiene. Due to the size they are fantastic value for money. Just don’t drop them on your foot these things are heavier than they look!

* Natural Toothbrush
* Will Not Splinter
* Extremely Durable
* Long Lasting
* 100% Untreated
* Suitable For All dogs – Including Puppies


Size guide

Dog Size Recommended Chew Root Size
Puppy (0-5kg)
Over 12 weeks
Small Dog (5-10kg) X-Small
Medium Dog (11-25kg) Small
Large Dog (26 – 40kg) Medium
X Large Dog (40kg +) Large


? Please remember to monitor your toy for any cracks or breaks regularly and do not leave your fur baby unsupervised with their toy ?


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