Cani Flex, Cartilage Repair


Recommended for : Active Dogs & Older Dogs

Results to be seen after aproximately 21 days of daily use

  • Repairs cartilage lost through wear and tear
  • Maintains healthy joints
  • Encourages good blood circulation
  • Helps detoxify the dogs body

Directions of use : Add to food daily. 1ml for kg of dogs weight (not exceeding 25mls)

Ingredients : Vitamin C (L-Asorbic Acid) , Propionic Acid, Acetic Acid,

Not Suitable for : – Pregnant Bitches. Dogs on long term medication should consult with their vet first before taking any natural products as supplements. Although all of our products are natural with no expected side effects you should consult with your vet to ensure there will no impact on their prescribed medication.

This is a NO FLEX zone… unless you have 4 legs!

Keep your dog flexing for longer with this fabulous solution. When used it helps maintain healthy joints.
Cani-flex will nutritionally help your furry friends body to repair cartilage lost due to ‘wear and tear’, because we all play hard! AND it encourages good blood circulation whilst detoxing the body. So flex it furbaby !

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