Bespoke Fitted Dog Crate Cover


Every King has his castle and every prince and princess their throne!

From the depths of Sherwood Forrest comes the finest crate covers ever seen fit for any four legged prince or princess.
Handmade from start to finish every stitch by Maid Marion and her band of six furry friends is made with love and passion and the outcome is a very practical and stylish cover creating the ultimate cosy den for the otherwise cold looking crates.
The use of crates has been on the rise for the last ten years with many using them not only for training purposes but also as great personal space for your dog to call its own.
Choose from a selection of seasonal designs
and personalise them with your dogs name ,this crate cover will most certainly take pride of place in any home .
Your Pooch will be the envy of all his canine companions so be careful not to spread the word too much as they will all be wanting one next !
Made from high quality fabric that’s is machine washable this product comes with 5 out of 5 Woofs from the Frank and Jellhs doggy detectives
Warning : This cosy den might seem like the ideal place for hide and seek but this is crate is doggy territory no hoomans allowed !

PLEASE NOTE: After purchase we will email you within 24hrs to ask for your measurements and details.

Font available in GREY or RED

Bespoke items take on average 7-10 days to process.

*This is a non refundable item, Customers are responsible for supplying correct measurements*


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