Pow Air

What is Pow Air?

Pow Air replaces your traditional air fresheners, it’s a non toxic odour neutraliser that helps create a fresh and clean environment. PowAir Gel is the number one odour neutraliser to eliminate bad smells at your home and workplace.

How does it work?

Air fresheners just mask the odours in the air, Pow Air’s unique gel uses essential oil based odour removal technology to quickly and safely remove bad smells rather than just covering them up, it’s dispensed by natural evaporation.

How do I use Pow Air?

It’s very easy to use, all you need to do is remove the lid

PowAir Gel is environmentally friendly, non toxic and easy to use. It is an industrial strength odour eliminator, yet can be safely used around people pets and plants

Here’s what our doggy detectives have to say about PowAir:

“Myself and Kobe are very chuffed with PowAir!! I’ve had a stain on the bedroom carpet where A rug used to be, and I hadn’t realised he had been going pee pee on! So now the smelly rug is away I’ve had a horrible stain I’ve been unable to remove. I’ve used all sorts of carpet cleaners and sprays, but this PowAir has made the best effort of them all. The smell has completely gone now, there is still slight discolouration, but no where near how bad it was!!! So I’m very very impressed, will deffo purchase again! The smell is lovely too, I much prefer it to the one I get in Pets at home, it’s smells like sweeties! Also as you can see Kobe had fun with the empty bottle afterwards… loves having things he shouldn’t and making me chase him for it —Jessica Cornes

“We r very happy with the powair my dog loves going 2 the beach but she loves finding old smelly dead fish 2 eat but a few hours later it all comes back up on the carpet and the smell is bad but no more smell since using the powair.” —Pamela Binks

“These stinky pair create a smell that can rival the best of them wet dog being the lasting one! Powair didn’t mask the smell it removed the smell by spraying it around made the house less like a house with dogs especially in their area. Not an over powering lasting smell but enough to realise there’s a fresh clean smell. Would recommend this to breeders after pups have flown the nest would also recommend to all pet owners. Gets a 5 paws up from these detectives.” — Karen Brogden

“Over the weekend and last few days have trying POWAir found it easier to use in a spray bottle made easier to get greater spread still with strong results each pooch bed smelling fresher and the house and carpets smelling pet free. Would recommend this to landlords for removing the smell of pets.” — Karen Brogden

If you want to try PowAir odour neutralizer, it sells for £13.25 and is available in 500 ml spray bottles. Don’t forget to order yours now here.

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