Oz Oil – Ear Cleaner

Ear Infections

Waxy ears are not only unsightly and smell but they can develop into nasty ear infections which are not only painful for your four legged friend but may also require attention by your vet if left untreated. At Frank and Jellys we searched high and low for a natural ear cleaning treatment that is gentle, soothing and easily administered whilst being great value and this Oz Oil product made by Animal Health was the hands down winner

Made from a tee tree this product is a firm favourite and with a little going a long way is an absolute bargain in our opinion.

How Oz Oil Works

Oz Oil has Tea Tree Oil to clean the ears and remove wax build up for hygiene reasons. 
How to use:
Place 4 drops in the ear. Clean gently with cotton wool. Repeat 2 times daily for 4 days.

How did our Doggy Detectives review Oz Oil?
Oz Oil was tested by a member of our Doggy Detective Team whose ears were so gunky despite being in good general health that the wax was dying the hair in colour. We also had a 10-year-old detective who is prone to ear infections but who is too old for surgery who reported that the symptoms cleared up within 24 hours.

How our customers review Oz Oil Ear Cleaner:

I saw Frank and jelly’s on Facebook and ask for advice on itchy, smelly ears, they recommended Oz oil and I have never turned back, it did the trick within a few days. To any potential customers I would definitely recommend Oz Oil. – L Watson

I have to say it’s brilliant stuff, first time in using, what a difference in her ear. I clean them, then after puta little drop in and massage it around and left it. L. Bigmore

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