Immuboost – Review

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Immuboost: Natural Immune booster for Dogs

  • Stimulates and strengthens the immune system naturally
  • Fights infection and allergies
  • Formulated and easy to use
  • Stops dogs itching
  • Stimulates hair regrowth

When a dog’s body has a yeast imbalance in the digestive system the first place you are likely to see symptoms is the skin. Why? Because the skin is a dogs largest organ so when your dog itches and scratches it’s often a sign of what’s happening on the inside.

Steroids and Antibiotics destroy not only the bad but also the good bacteria. Steroids are an immune suppressant and will not fix the issue long term. Diet changes may help but may be unnecessary and could result in long term digestive issues as it’s not a good idea to suddenly change your dog’s diet suddenly.

Frank and Jellys have a tried and tested natural immune booster for dogs that our doggy detectives have approved to be recommended to you.

So before you change your four legged friends diet why not try to boost his immune system by adding Immboost to his meals. Immuboost is a liquid infusion of Echinacea pallida commonly known as pale purple coneflower, a species of herbaceous perennial   plant found in the Prairie and is a natural antibiotic.

How to use it:

Add to food or give orally twice a day for three weeks for best results. Reduce to once a week thereafter

Here is what our doggy detectives had to say about about our natural dog immune booster Immuboost

Fur Mum Heather says that Immune Boost really helped her little Poppy, whose face and paws were severely affected by her yeast imbalance and constant scratching.  Shortly after starting the Booster adding two doses to her feed. ‘It’s helped her swollen tummy, bad breath and softened her coat. We love it, Thank you Frank and Jellys

Minnies fur mum Alison says ‘I’m so pleased. Minnies tearstains have lightened and Barneys scratches himself far less than before using immuboost Thank you!’