How to keep your dog COOL this Summer!

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Summertime can always be considered a nice break from the icy cold winter and we sure know our pooches don’t mind a little sunshine! 

And as responsible pet owners we need to be prepared for adapting to what is often one weather extreme to another for our fur babies.

Every year Frank and Jellys gets asked some really important questions about keeping our dogs cool during the heated summer months and we wanted to address them head on as we melt into another warm few months.

Firstly, how do dogs overheat (we addressed the seriousness of heatstroke in dogs in THIS article if you want a more in-depth read):

  • Too much exposure to direct sun and heat
  • Walking and playing during the hottest parts of the day
  • Not enough water and hydration
  • Long and thick fur that isn’t kept tidy
  • No shade available
  • Leaving dogs in cars
  • Overweight pooches (keep them fit)

If your dog is panting excessively, extremely lethargic, white foaming excessively or vomiting with signs of blood in it, they have overheated and likely suffering from really bad heatstroke! Get some water into them ASAP (but make sure they don’t drink too fast or they may make themselves sick) and cool their bodies down! And of course, if you are concerned, contact your vet.

Secondly, how can we help keep our pooches cool this summer:

  • Keep your dogs indoors or with shade during the hottest parts of the day
  • Have water available everywhere! Especially if they are out traveling/walking with you.
  • Keep all walking and activity to first thing in morning or in the evening
  • Swimming! Buy your dog a kiddie paddling pool and keep it in the shade with cold water
  • Swimming! Again, ha! Head to the beach or local watering hole and splash around with your fur baby. (Keep in mind that salt water needs to be thoroughly washed off your dog as not to cause any skin irritations.)
  • A sand pit. Dogs can dig into the sand pit and find cool sand under the top layers
  • Keep the fur short and trim
  • Try our favourite Frank and Jellys Keep Cool Coats and Keep Cool Mats! Voted as the best for keeping our fur babies cool while at home or traveling. We love them!

And these are just a FEW ways to keep your dog cool this summer.

One really easy way to think of it is, if you’re feeling uncomfortable and hot, your dog is going to be feeling it 10 times worse! In fact, at Frank and Jellys we like to wear a coat on as many walks as we can because if we start getting too hot we know it’s becoming too hot for the dogs. That way we know when it’s time to head home and cool down.

Now there was one other suggestions we wanted to focus on for keeping your dog cool and we wanted to highlight it as something so super easy to do and so super yummy for your dog to enjoy!

Frozen treats for hot dogs!

We love making frozen treats for our dogs because we know exactly what’s going into them and we can fill them with lots of nutritional goodies to benefit our dog’s health as well as keeping them cool!

One of our Doggy Detectives, Emma, made a great video showing us how she makes her frozen doggy treats and what she puts in them, watch the video below!

Whether it’s fruit, vegetables, peanut butter, and even toys! The options are endless!

Here are 10 awesome and easy frozen treat ideas for you; DIY Summer Treats.


  • When making frozen treats for your dog, freeze them in a size that is suitable for your dog. Big dog equals big treat etc.
  • If your dog is a gobbler, try making a bigger treat than normal so they can lick the treat over an extended period of time
  • Freeze your treat mixture in one of their stuff-able toys, such as a Kong
  • Only hand over frozen treats when the ice is starting to melt and looks glossy, never when the ice looks matt and sticky.

Frozen treats, yummy!

We hope this article has helped you and given you some great ideas for keeping your pooch cool this summer!

Let us know your favourite tip in the comments below.

And now, we’d love to hear from you!

We’d love you to leave in the comments, your top tips for keeping your dog(s) cool this summer!

And if you know other fur mums and dads, be sure to share this article with them. The more knowledge shared is another life spared.

Stay safe this summer!

Paws of love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo.

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