How to keep the kids, fury and non-fury, happy during the summer break

So you might have been already on holiday or still waiting to go. School is out for six weeks and the weather is not very accommodating. Our non-fury kids might get bored now and our fury ones starting to become a nuisance with their delight to have the whole clan together, non-stop play- and petting-time. Yeah!! Mum, Frank is annoying me, Jelly sits constantly on me. I am bored! This sort of thing.

So here a few well tested ideas that makes summertime fun time. 

Mind games: Instead of feeding them kibble for breakfast as normal, hide them in different containers in the house or in the garden. It stimulates our dogs and is great fun for the children too.

Get a muffin tray. If you have plenty of tennis balls in the house find twelve and put them in the tray. Let the non-fury kids hide treats for the fury ones underneath the balls.

Also why not let the kids brush up on the fury kid’s training. Sit, down, leave, stay or roll over is great fun and helpful to keep both safe. How about speak on command? Anyone doing housekeeping would love our four legged friends to learn how close the door, fetch the mail or tidy up the toys

Build a DIY Treat Dispenser.

You can use an old draw to get the frame work or use bamboo sticks to build the kind of frame shown in the picture above.  If your children like crafting they might come up with a more suitable upcycling idea, using different material left in the garage or shed. Maybe Dad likes to get involved as well? Max in the picture had hours of fun getting the treat out.

Children love hide and seek. Get the dog involved. How about dancing with your mutt. Or maybe meditating. Green Tea everyone? Maybe not?

Hopefully the weather is slightly improving and the grass is getting dry again. While it is drying play chase the bubbles. All you need is washing up liquid an iron hanger and a wine bottle cork too keep the soft hand from our little angles safe.

Next is to build your own agility course in the garden. You need at least three different obstacle to make it interesting. Have a Weave pole, jump bar and a tunnel Let your children’s imagination run free but be careful with the height and material.

By now you might have run out of treats and it might be raining again. So bake some dog friendly biscuits. Does your dog love peanut butter as much as mine does? If so you can’t go wrong with this recipe. You’ll need 2 cups of flour, 1/2 cup peanut butter and 2 eggs. Mix the ingredients together add water until it becomes wet enough to roll out as a dough. Shape using any kind of cutters you have in your draw. Surely the kids done mind a X-mas tree or love heart. Bake for 20 minute on medium heat.

Improved weather hopefully will allow you to go for a picnic after a nice long walk in the woods (don’t forget to put coconut butter on all of the exposed areas for everyone to protect them against tick bites) or along the beach. Here are some beaches and venues dogs are allowed all through the summer.

Dorset Beaches Bowleaze Cove, Chesil Beach, Durdle Door /west, Harbour Lake. Mudeford Quay, Ringstead Bay, Hengistburg Head, the Sand a pebble Monmoutt, Rockley Sand near Hamworthy , St Gabriels Mouth

Suffolk and north Essex beaches: Southwold Pier, voted one of the best beaches, Corton Sands, Claremont Pier (some area restriction during May- Sept), Walberswick Beach, Thropeness, Dunwich, Mersa Stone.

Trebaron Garden Centre and Paws Dog Café in Newton-le-Willow Merseyside

Sefton Meadows garden Centre   Yorkshire Arboretum, Kew and Castle Howard – York, YO60 7BY   
Tel: 01653 648598

Marston Vale Forest Centre  Beeston Castle and Woodland Park – English Heritage Dogs on lead welcome.
40 acres of Woodland Park surround the castle.

THE EXCHANGE  For almost 120 years, Newlyn Art Gallery has been bringing the best in contemporary art to audiences in the south west. In 2007 we opened a second venue, The Exchange in Penzance.
Well-behaved dogs are welcome **

Totnes Castle – English Heritage  Enjoy stunning views over the town of Totnes & across to the River Dart. Or a picnic in the peaceful castle grounds. Dogs on leads welcome. Tel: 01803 864406

Rother Valley Country Park  This very large country park hosts a number of walking and cycling routes, which link to the Trans Pennine Trail and Route 6 Sustrans. Leisure Lake offers many watersports activities and cycle hire, events are held throughout the year, three fishing areas and an ideal place to enjoy the outdoors.

Houghton Lodge Gardens  Stockbridge, Hampshire 01264 810063 Overlooking the famous chalk stream of The River Test, with panoramic views over the water meadows and along the Test Valley. Dogs welcome on leads

Borde Hill Garden  Explore 200 acres of formal Garden, parkland, lakes & woodland. Surrounding a historic Elizabethan House. Events throughout the year. Number of dogs: Any number welcome!

Pinetum Park & Pine Lodge Gardens, St Austell.  30 Acre gardens in St Austell, Cornwall PL25 3RQ. Dogs on leads are welcome in the gardens all year round

Drumlanrig Castle and Country Estate  … boasting beautiful Victorian gardens and pathways, waymarked woodland walks, cycle routes. Bike hire. Dogs very welcome close at heel due to abundant wildlife. Poops must be scooped, please.

Other ideas would be to Play in the garden or park with the flyer, tug of war you might want to race with you dog. Should this be the case put him on a retractable leash to keep all kids safe.  Safety should always be a high on the agenda. Go on family bike ride. Little ones belong in the basket or seat with a harness and the big ones on their own bike or Fitness harness. Keep everyone safe

By the end of the each day everyone might just need a little snuggle up and watch some TV. Having taught the meaning of finish to our puppy, he should be able to stop behaving like a lunatic and relax. If not a chew toy might come in handy. Bring in some extra interest adding some peanut butter spread or treat in a toy, water bottle, old glove or sock. Use an old rope and add some sweet potato slices.

So Frank and Jellys hope you all will have a great summer break and look forward sharing with us your lovely experiences and pictures via our FB page.

Paws of Love Frank & Jellys






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