Happy Howloween!

Hi everyone, it’s been a busy month so I’ve got loads of gossip for you…

Most importantly Frank and Jellys have launched their website! I’m sure you’ll all agree that it’s amazing, there’s so many fab products to choose from and loads of cute photos of my Doggy Detective pals. Check it out and let us know what you think!

To celebrate the website launch we held a fancy dress competition and got you all to vote for the best dressed pooch by liking your favourite photos on Facebook. There were some really brilliant outfits so it was a very close call… In the end the winner, with over 900 likes, was Edward the black lab whose wolf costume was very FETCH-ing (get it…. Fetch?!). Paws up Edward – Enjoy spending your £50 Frank and Jellys vouchers! If I were you I’d grab yourself a Nikki’s Nestie – These are the dog beds the Doggy Detectives told me about last month and I can confirm that they are paws down the comfiest and most snuggly place I’ve slept in. I’m hoping my human slavey will get me one for my birthday in a couple of weeks… I keep hinting to her about it by chewing up the bed I’ve got now. I’m sure she’ll get the message!

Who’s glad fireworks night is out the way for another year?! I know a lot of my furry pals get really scared by all the loud bangs – I’m not too keen myself. Luckily the Frank and Jellys team had loads on offer to help us all keep calm, like Thunder Shirts, calming sprays and herbal remedies. My human pack particularly loved the K-Fine calming melts because not only did they chill me out but they also masked the smell of my love puffs!

Talking of being chilled out… I had a visit from a strange bloke the other day who has scarpered my plans for world domination. My human slavey invited him round as she’s getting fed up with me barking at people when they come in the house. He’s some sort of dog expert and I think he understood that I’m actually a bit scared of strangers which is why I bark to keep them away, but he also figured out that I consider myself as the leader of the pack (well, I am rather fabulous). Watch this space… I won’t give up my crown that easily!

I’m off to chew my bed some more and stare longingly at the fridge. Remember that I’ve got my very own email address – [email protected] – and I’d love to hear from you all!

Before I go I’ll quickly let you in on a secret… There’s going to be a VERY exciting announcement next month so keep checking in to find out how you can lend a paw to help those in need this Christmas.

Until next time! Ernie xx