Happy Easter ? ?

Hands up who’s on Easter count down? 

Thought you might say that, us too!

Only one more working day left and then it’s 4 whole days off with our skin and fur families. Let’s just hope the weather stays as nice as it was last weekend!

We just wanted to catch you before we all take a well earned Easter break to remind you about the foods to keep your four legged friend away from this Easter holiday. Many are not for four legged consumption:

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross bun
I love a Hot Cross Bun but It’s not fit for Jellys consumption . Hot cross buns contain raisins that are toxic for dogs

Chocolate Eggs

With three skin babies at home it’s tempting for children to want to share their chocolate treats with dogs. Chocolate is however poisonous that can affect a dogs heart, central nervous systems and kidneys

Symptoms of toxic poisoning are usually seen within 4-24 hours and include vomiting, diarrhoea and breathlessness so if an accident should occur please just give your out of hours vet a call .

Lamb Bones

Whilst you might you want to share a little of your lamb roast with your dog this Easter Sunday please be careful with the bones, however tempting it may be to give them the cooked lamb bone.  Cooked bones are dangerous for your dog as they can splinter and cause obstructions in their intestines. Raw bones are ok but please do not give cooked bones.

To make sure our four legged friends aren’t left out this Easter Bank Holiday Frank and Jelly are giving you a gift of £5 to spend on toys or treats or anything their pawlegged heart desires.



Enter Happy Easter at the checkout to receive your £5 off all orders over £30.

Yappy Easter with Paws of Love from your friends,

Frank and Jelly

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