Hap-paw New Year! ?


Hap-paw New Year my furry & skin pals… Better late than never eh?! Slavey Human sends apologies for the late blog – I’ve been trying to pin her down for weeks. You just can’t get the staff these days!

I hope you all had a fab Christmas & New Year with loads of yummy treats, fun presents & warm snuggles. I’m sure we’ve all put on a few pounds but don’t worry too much about that, it’s so cold at the moment an extra layer will just help to keep us warm… Really we’re saving our humans on their heating bills. I’ve put on so much weight that I’ve finally broken the 20kg barrier, I personally love my new curves but the other day I overheard Slavey Human telling Nanny that I’d got podgy! She’s got a bloomin’ cheek, I spotted her trying to squeeze into her jeans last weekend (she couldn’t). She’s doing my head in at the moment, not a day goes by without her scrubbing at my ears & face. I’m actually hoping she gets some of the tear stain remover that my Doggy Detective buddies tested recently, their eye bogie marks disappeared within days so maybe if she used some of that I wouldn’t have to be subjected to such a violent cleaning regime every day!

Do you remember the #GiveAHelpingPaw Christmas campaign” that Frank and Jellys started in December? Well, you fabulous lot donated lots and lots of shoeboxes which bought a wag to many the tail of a rescue pooch waiting for their forever homes. How amazing is that?! If you didn’t get round to doing a box of your own don’t worry as there’s still time to pop down to your local Dogs Trust centre & drop one off. Slavey Humans shoebox has been sat by the front door for the last 5 weeks… She’s useless, this weekend I am going to INSIST on being chauffeured to our local centre so I can personally hand it over. We filled our box with tasty snacks, an antler bar, a fleecy blanket that we ‘borrowed’ from Nannys airing cupboard, some toys of mine that I wasn’t sure what to do with (like a ball on a rope which to be honest gave me the creeps) & a smart new woolly jumper to make sure one of my Dogs Trust buddies goes trotting off to their new home looking goooooooooood! I did suggest that we included a block of cheese as that’d be my dream stocking filler but apparently that was a silly idea…. Hmph.

Now, because I’m pretty much perfect as it is I’ve only set myself one New Years Resolution & that’s to spend more time playing with my furry pals. Did you know that it’s possible for us to actually share toys & it’s quite fun to play with them together?! I didn’t until recently when my mate Murray pinched my ball – I was so outraged I grabbed it back off of him & it started a brilliant game of… Well, I dunno what you’d call it but it was really fun! Do you or your humans have any New Years Resolutions? Ping me a paw-mail telling me all about them & my not-so glamourous assistant will scribe my reply: [email protected]

I’ll be checking in with the Doggy Detectives this week so in my next blog I’ll be able to give you the low down on their tested & bestest finds. There’s so many new Detectives for me to introduce myself to! I better stock up on Frank and Jellys finest homemade biscuits so I can give them all a warm welcome… Hopefully they’ll share with me.

I’m off to bed now (which by the way still isn’t a Nikki’s Nestie …. HINT HINT Slavey Human) so goodnight all & sweet dreams.

Paws of love from Ernie xxx xx

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