From Doggy with love…❤️

Bonjour mes amis… In honour of Valentines Day I have learned to bark in French, which as everyone knows is zee language of lurrrrrrrrrrve!

I’ve not been very lucky in love these past few years (I had a bit of a bromance going with Barclay the Bouvier who lived up the road but his owners moved away & the long distance thing didn’t really work for us) so paws crossed I find the pooch of my dreams this time round. I’m sure a little blonde spaniel was flirting with me in the park last week, she stole my ball & ran off with it… That’s basically doggy kiss chase, right?! I wanted to go after her but boring Slavery Human wouldn’t let me… I reckon she had the hump just because no-one was flirting with her. In fact it might do her good to get a Valentine of her own – If you know of any tall, dark, handsome humans (preferably with a bulldog of their own) send them her way!

I know it’s the norm to send your loved one roses, chocolates or flowers on Valentines Day but this year why not try something different… Like a romantic stroll to your nearest dog friendly café or pub so us pooches can join in the celebrations too! Check out the Frank and Jellys Facebook Page to see if there’s any places local to you that have been recommended via Super Sunday Services (remember to add your own suggestions too). When our humans are happy we’re happy, so feel free to stare into eachothers eyes & have a bit of a smooch (not too much obviously, you don’t want to put us off our dinner). Or you could have a quiet night in on the sofa with a slushy film so that we can hop up to join in with the cuddles… Paw-fect! And for any of you single pooch parents out there (Slavey Human sends a high five) stick on your wellies on & get down to your local park. If you spy any hotties let us know & we’ll put on our cutest puppy dog eyes to lure them over… If that fails we can resort to more drastic means like tripping them up, that’ll definitely get their attention.

Hopefully our humans will remember to include us when gifting their loved ones & as the Doggy Detectives have been hard at work trying out loads of fun toys there’s a huge selection available from Frank and Jellys. Check out the Hurley Bones if you love to chew, they’re pretty much indestructible so you can have hours of fun nibbling away. Or if you’re a food fanatic like my Doggy Detective pal Rolo the Labrador a Goughnut Cup is the perfect pressie, just get your human assistants to stuff it full of your favourite treats & away you go!

Right, I’m off to mentally prepare myself for the amount of Valentines gifts & cards I’m surely going to receive… & to console poor unloved Slavey Human who probably won’t be getting a thing (serves her right for still not treating me to a Nikki’s Nestie).

Paws of amore! Ernie xxx

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