Dorwest Valerian Compound  

Natural Dog Calming Remedy against Anxiety. Anxiety can occur in our dogs for various reasons including :  

  • Travel sickness 
  • Separation anxiety  
  • Frightened of visitors to the house 
  • New or changes in its environment, moving or renovation  
  • Thunderstorms 
  • Fireworks night  
  • Bad experience with another dog 
  • Going to the Vet or grooming Parlour  

 Valerian is a plant that grows naturally in North America and flowers during June to August. The grounded roots powder is used in the wider world of medicine against insomnia, muscle spasm, or stress-related digestive orders. It has a calming effect ad does not make you feel cloudy, foggy or drowsy. It does not sedate just relaxes. 

How to use it: For best results add few drops of the tincture food or straight onto the tongue. You can also add it to bedding or fabric if you wish.  


Kirsty fur mum to Duke had to say the following about the valerian compound drops: “I do really swear by these drops and see them as a real life saver. Duke did not have the best start in life and when he came to me he was a very anxious dog. With the help of these Valerian Compound even moving house was not an issue. He is a complete different dog now”

Alicia fur mum to Buttercup was so impressed on her recent journey from Kent to Somerset that she swears by this product. Any medications previously administered left her little Buttercup still drooling and whining now using Valerian Compound it made her little passenger one relaxed traveller   

Melanie is fur mum to bulldog Arthur. Arthur hated travelling in the car and would get himself in quite a state panting every time had to travel. Melanie purchased the natural calming drops to help with a one hour car journey to a specialised vet and this is what she had to tell us about her experience: “What a massive difference. He wouldn’t get in the car unless I dragged him and he would be stiff and panting etc but he actually lay down on the back seat and he was quite chilled on the drive and has been since we got back as well.”