Dogs DO have a sense of humour!

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Well, I hope so!  

When comparing different breeds, such as Golden Retrievers (that always look at you with a smile) to English bulldog that always look so grumpy (honestly guys, life isn’t that bad!), you cannot deny that both breeds will always make you smile.  

Since way back to Darwin’s time, it has been proven that dogs can actually laugh! Apparently, their laughter is similar to that of a young child.  

Noble prize winner and ethnologist Konrad Lorenz suggested that dogs are capable of laughing, often shown during play. Konrad Lorenz says that the opening of the jaw which exposes the tongue, as well as the mouth as it stretches from ear to ear impersonates that of a smile / laugh. 

Researchers from Nevada, US, found that the sound of panting is identified as laughter; when played to puppies and / or distressed dogs, it had a noticeable calming effect. Don’t believe us? Check it out this video. 

You can notice this panting when our four-legged friend is playing excitingly, often with their owner. 

Whilst it might be difficult to determine the sense of humor in any dog playfulness is different. 

Personally, at Franky & Jelly’s we believe it has less to do with the breeds and more to do with their upbringing, and often age. It also matters what interaction, and how much, dogs have with their owners – whilst some might find it funny if your dog picks up one of your bras / pants from the washing basket and dangles it in front of your guest for a laugh, others won’t!  

So, whilst your fur baby might not laugh at the same jokes as you they still love the extra attention – often laughing their heads off while we shout out to them (usually in fear).   

There are endless stories with our beloved pooches which bring smiles to our faces – for example Lulu, Frank’s little sister who has to resort to biting her brother in the leg to get him to drop the ball so she gets some attention, or Max, our families’ beloved golden retriever who knew that if he caught any teenagers sneaking back in late at night if he barked loud enough they would sacrifice their late night take away and throw it in his direction to avoid waking up the parents – 2am cheesy chips was his favourite pastime!   

So next time you are enjoying some quality time with your fur babies and you think you catch a wink of a smile, or hear the sounds of laughter…. You might just be right!  

Now over to you! Tell us your stories and give us evidence that dogs have a sense of humor. It has been a very hard week and we need something to make us laugh …..  

Paws of Love, 

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo 

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