The Doggy Detectives

Our main aim is to bring affordable products to dog owners that last and work. We believe in natural remedies and materials over chemicals, and this is reflected in the products we choose to test. We never recommend products that we don’t think will do the job, or that we wouldn’t use ourselves.
Everything has been tried, tested and approved by our team of product testers, who are all devoted dog owners themselves. We call these guys the doggy detectives, and are chosen based upon suitability from a team of over 4,000 dog owners. Testers provide their feedback into a closed group hosted on social media. Only when our stingent quality standards are met, is the product then added to the Frank & Jellys shop. We take product testing seriously and are never paid to test products by companies.

This is how we can truly state that our products are “for your dogs by our dogs”.

We owe a big thank you to all the furry faces below who form some of our testing community. Paws of love to you for making our product reviews possible, and many dogs (and their owners) happy!

Latest Dog Product Testing from our Detectives: Soggy Doggy

So my Rosie tested the soggy doggy towel and it’s amazing dried her really quickly as normal towels I’d use about 3 and she would still be wet I would defo recommend this I also used it after she had a drink and usually soaked her chin used this and she was dry not dripping for ages she also liked it as a cover – Helen, fur mum to Rosie

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