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Hi Talking Dog Friends, Jo here, Echo and Diesels mum and Team Frank and Jellys Assistant.

Frank’s mum Sarah asked me to let you know about our little (or not so little, being from the south of the country) trip up North to Warrington to Dog Fest 2017.

It started Friday afternoon; Jo went to our warehouse to pick up the stock and the lovely people at Mencap helped her box all of the toys, treats, lotions and potions into boxes ready for Frank’s mum Sarah to collect in the big van.

It was a very hot and long drive but the journey was filled with planning some exciting things for Frank and Jelly’s. We drank lots of water and stopped a lot!!

We arrived at our hotel very late Friday night and jumped straight into our beds, excited for the early start the next morning.

We got up bright and early the next morning, the sun was shining and by 7am we needed our sunscreen on – we got our (unhealthy) breakfast and jumped in the big van heading to Arley Hall.

We saw so many dog products and dogs that we excitedly unpacked the van, put the gazebo together (girlpower!) and started to fill the paddling pool (the last-minute idea that proved to be very very popular over the weekend).

Slowly people started to arrived;, lots of fur babies coming over just to splash in our paddling pool and cool down.

Our cool coats were so popular, we’ve never seen so many dogs in one place wearing them before! Our little paddling pool had a queue most of the weekend, and we had to keep changing the water (especially as some dogs relaxed a little too much in there).

We moved the products to the back of the gazebo over the weekend to allow all the fur babies and families to enjoy a little bit of shade, us too – as it was a very hot weekend.

We sold so many of our Snuffle Mats – (people loved the feel of them). We also gave away samples of the Pow Air Penetrator. -Did you get one, what did you think?

We all got to meet Noel Fitzpatrick, aka Supervet, too. , whoHe is very down to earth and real, he was a bit sad as at the talk we listened to as he wasn’t able to help dog in the way he wanted and he rushed straight back to his surgery to be with him.

“I’m Crap at everything that doesn’t bleed” Noel Fitzpatrick, Dog Fest, June 2017

It was so lovely to see so many of you and we hope you enjoyed the paddling pool, which is now back to being a little redundant in my garden.

It took a few days to get over a brilliant and hot weekend, we made some wonderful new friends and are looking forward to next year

Paws of Love

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