The quality of raw goods DOES matter for your dog

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Does quality even matter?

Is it better to invest in high quality raw goods and is there even a difference?

I mean they’re just a dog right? They don’t need anything fancy as long as it does the job!


When it comes to introducing high quality supplements to your fur babies, you only want the best! And we’ve done the hard work to show you why!

We wanted to help you understand the importance of quality raw goods more so we decided to research the different levels of quality with Coconut Oil. It would seem that Coconut Oil has become really popular within the canine dietary pyramid. Let’s look at why this is to begin with.

Why are dog owners using Coconut Oil in their dog’s diet?

To understand the importance of quality, one must first understand how coconut is beneficial to our canine friends.

Coconut has been proven as an amazing natural remedy and supplement for dogs, helping with issues and concerns such as:

    • Yeast and fungal infections
    • A great prevention for parasitic infestations
    • Smelly coats
    • Bad breath
    • Hot spots
    • Cracked paws
    • Infected cuts
    • It can reduce cancer risks
    • Improves their digestion
    • Keeps your dogs Thyroid function normal
    • Can minimise arthritic pain
  • And can also be used to balance your dog’s metabolism and aid in weight loss.

Not bad coconut, not bad at all! There seems to be a lot of important health benefits for our dogs and more than that, it’s often something that they will be ingesting which means, we want to make sure they have the best quality, right?

Why is it important to use quality Coconut Oil?

Let’s look at the 2 main levels of quality when it comes to coconut oil. You have Virgin Coconut Oil and you have Refined Coconut Oil. Both can be bought from your local supermarket but both aren’t the same.

In a nutshell (haha, see what I did there?), Virgin Coconut oil is the purest form of coconut oil available coming directly from the fresh coconuts that are picked from the tree and taken from the fresh flesh of the coconut.

Refined coconut on the other hand goes through a more complicated process and uses a coconut product called ‘Copra’. Copra is a term used to refer to coconut that has dried and been removed from the coconut shell, so it’s no longer fresh coconut. It’s the kind of coconut that you can’t eat.

In order to make the coconut saleable and edible the following must happen:

    • The coconut goes through either smoke drying, sun drying, or kiln drying to make the ‘copra product’ we spoke about earlier.
    • Next step: bleaching, which is generally not a chemical process but filtering process using bleaching clay.
  • Once that’s done steam is used to deodorize the oil resulting in the Coconut Oil having a very bland taste, with little or no odor.

Sounds like a whole lot of handling and processing doesn’t it?

Why choose Virgin over Refined?

Simply put, Virgin is more pure and has more nutrients. It’s even been proven that Virgin Coconut Oil has higher nutritional properties that increase and maximise the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits for our dogs (and humans).

So you have a higher grade of product that you use LESS of and it has significantly HIGHER health and healing properties.

What would you be choosing for your fur baby?

Ultimately the choice is yours if you even want to give your dog coconut oil let alone whether it should be Virgin or refined. If you decide you are pro coconut oil please keep in mind coconut oil does have a high level of saturated fat. While normally you would avoid these types of foods when it comes to your dog, the fat in coconut is a bit different and is considered safe, in moderation, for your dog.

It is recommended to introduce coconut and Coconut Oil to your dog gradually as it can cause runny poop.

Here are a few quick was to feed your dog Coconut:

Some of the easiest ways we found that dog owners are giving coconut to their dog is as follows:

    • Mix in some coconut chips with their dog food or use them as a treat
    • Mix coconut paste with natural peanut butter and freeze some treats
    • Give your dog a spoonful of coconut oil or coat a treat with it
    • Add coconut milk or coconut water to your dog’s food or water bowl
  • Share some coconut milk ice cream with your dog

The beauty of coconut oil is that it can be given internally or applied externally. Many vets and researchers today are recommending the regular use of coconut oil for dogs as an excellent source of nutrients to keep your dog in good health. So with so many health benefits and coconut playing a possibly life saving/life prolonging role in your dog’s life, you would want it to be the best.

Paws of love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo.

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