It’s nearly Christmas!

Well guys – You better make sure you’re sitting in your most comfortable Nestie with a stash of treats to keep you going because I have LOTS to tell you about!


Firstly let me fill you in on what’s new with me. It was my birthday at the end of November & I’m now the grand old age of 3! I’ve also become a full time stay-at-home pooch… My human got a new job & because she’s only working round the corner now I don’t need to go to doggy daycare anymore.
On my last day my daycare aunties got me a big bag of pressies full of yummy treats & cool toys.. I was dead chuffed!
I do miss my daycare crew but luckily I’ll get to see them when I get sent for a sleepover so that slavey human can ‘have a few sherries’ (whatever that means).
Best of all I’m not so scared of strangers anymore now that I’ve realised most people just want to give me a cuddle & a treat!
Since we’ve been going for morning walks I’ve got a new gang of pals – Murray the Cockapoo, Amber the Doberman, Honey the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Toby the German Shepherd & Bambi the Chihuahua – & their human assistants are always close by with pocketfuls of tasty nibbles.
Perhaps that canine expert bloke who paid me a visit last month was right…It’s much more fun to let slavey human sweat the small stuff while I chill out.

Now you might remember that I had a secret to let you in on… It’s been tough to keep quiet about this but now that the dog’s out of the bag I’m finally free to tell you all about Frank and Jellys #GiveAHelpingPaw campaign!
As you can imagine there are thousands of my fellow furry friends in Dogs Trust rescue centres all over the country waiting to find their forever homes… But a lot of rescue centres shut down over the festive period to stop these pooches from falling into the wrong hands.After all, a human is for life, not just for Christmas!

All you need is an empty shoebox (perfect excuse for your humans to treat themselves if they haven’t already got one lying about) & a few treats, toys and gifts to pop inside.
These little boxes of love can then be taken to your nearest rescue centre & given to a pooch in need this Christmas… Simple!
I’ve given slavey human loads of ideas for things to donate… A cosy blanket, a squeaky toy, a pouch of treats, a warm jumper, a clean new bowl, a snuggly pillow… The list is endless and EVERY shoebox, no matter how big or small, will go a long way towards a lot of wagging tails this Christmas.
Obviously there’s a huge selection of products available from Frank and Jellys but you can get whatever you like from where you like.
And what’s nearly as exciting as being able to #GiveAHelpingPaw is the fact that John Lewis (you know who they are – the ones with the bouncing Boxer advert!!) have lent their full support to this campaign & are offering a selection of prizes to give away to those who put together the best boxes!
There’s also a load of goodies from Love Bomb Cushions Not up for grabs (think Emojis!) so head over to the Frank & Jellys website for full details & find out how you can #GiveAHelpingPaw.

Last but not at all least I’d like to wish my buddy Frank a huge congratpawlations…. His humans got engaged this weekend!!

Better get going actually, as we have a Dog Do to plan… It’s like a Stag Do but with antler bars instead of cocktail bars!

Ciao for now my poochy pals! Ernie xx xx

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